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Τετάρτη, 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012


"Mea Culpa " is the  new Audiobook version of Studio Amid acoustic versions  (
The project is written by  Constantinos Rodis, based on a true story,  and will be released in autumn 2012

Play Summary

What could be hidden behind the house closed doors ?
What are the actual family members relations ?
How people face the fellow human beings disability?
Where the truth ends and the lie begins?
What is right and what is wrong?

Zoe, somewhere in the early ’70s, acquires and grows over Stavros, her son, , born with mental retardation at a period without social support and integration capabilities, education or  special education.
Problems... so many in  her own family and the society!
But she does not "count"  anything. "Runs counter" to everything and insists on ... Stavros , cause he would never leave her.
"Allies" of a  decent husband, Prokopis. On  the "enemy camp" Aris, her son, and his  "social surroundings". The relationship of Zoe and Stavros is a depended  relationship, a love-hate relationship.  A "powered" relationship. Nobody knows who's the winner and who's the loser...
The battle and the daily struggles... The nerves break down ... The resistance decreases resulting crush   ,both mental  and physical. A daily nightmare getting  worse day by day.
Zoe and Stavros are harsh reality confronted in a city  not accepting  and integrating disabled people.

Screenplay-Directed: Constantinos Rodis
Original Music-Sound Effects: Michalis Avramidis
Edited by Natasha Bozinis


Zoe: Elena Angelopoulos
Stavros: Constantinos Rodis
Aris: Ioannis Kyfonidis
Prokopis: Michalis Avramidis
Mary: Lucia Frantzikos
Alcestis: Natasha Bozinis

Editing-Mixing audio-processing technique: Michael Avramidis
Recording-Mastering-Production: STUDIO AMID

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