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Τετάρτη, 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012


"Mea Culpa" project  begun in summer 2010. At the time i  needed  express what was happening inside me, I began  writing this story. Actually, the prime format was different, cause it was "shaped"  for feature film script.
Based on a true story that I knew well,  started my "Mea Culpa" "journey"  , adding to  facts and a fair amount of fiction.
My purpose was telling  the story of an average Greek family caring a "mentally retarded" child, somewhere in 1970.....A child who changed their lives....
I read a lot of books about disabilities, mental and physical. I also discussed the project  with psychologists and psychiatrists, and began writing 
I did  complete  the first  cycle project, somewhere in the summer of  2010 , since the movie was  "left in my drawer".
Shortly after  having a  conversation about arts with my partner ,  John Kyfonidis, told journalist Natasha Bozini about “Mea Culpa”, knowing about her  interest on  issues,  related to disability and the citizens right to information and entertainment access. The seed to  born  the project new version "dropped" ... This specific radio play was flourished  by composer Michael Avramidis who believed and supported the idea  and Studio Amid acoustic versions company. Mea Culpa "got voice and sound"  and "became" internationally  distributed audiobook through internet.

The project "went out again from my drawer"  and adapted appropriately. I finally completed the play recording in the summer of  2012 and  now is "undergoing treatment and cover"  with original score.
The road to complete a project with specific topics proved to be difficult ,  but also attractive and instructive.
Unfortunately, even now, in 2012, i still  watch   many people around us, treating disabled and "different" people  like  aliens from another planet. They  also seem  ready to to ignore or regret them or even worse  throw them in the dip pit  of  Keadas. 
Through this specific  project i  was twice invited  to face the "monster" of my own self. The first was when I wrote the play,  the second when I performed (acted)  and directed it....Both hurted a lot.
But every time I think about it,  I listen to  it,  I read it, i do  find something new to mention, something that makes me concern about it  ... any time from the beginning...since  the first time...
Wish and hope the "Mea Culpa" journey continue ...
It would be great  standing  on the edge of our mind that  all humans are both so different and similar  among  us, at the sime time. 
We do have the same rights for sure and if these are broken we have to defend it. 

Enjoy listening to the play

PS: Many thanks   to everyone who worked on this project. Helena, Lucia, Natasha, Michael, John, thank you very much!"

Constantinos Rodis

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