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Παρασκευή, 21 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012


"I firstly "met" “MEA CULPA” text , when Constantinos Rodis emailed me the movie script, written in summer 2010. When we met each other by chance at Koukaki, after a long time,  he told me about his dream to make this movie.
Two years later , the more or less  alleged  financial crisis postponed film shooting.
Then, after discussing  the internet potentials on radio-theatre revival , literature and audiobooks, Natasha Bozini had the idea of an  acoustic drama version and its digital distribution. And this idea came true.
It was time to  realise who Aris is , Stavros' big brother.  I also realized who am i in this remarkable, allegorical and  bitter "fairytale" titled  «MEA CULPA». I also realized that i became "Aris"  sometime  in my life. And 
like him , I felt ashamed of my own people,  even a few times, mattering about the society reactions and  "closing" the doors behind me. But then I felt regret and tried to make it up. Although i took it back, i couldn't change what i have done. 
Many thanks to  STUDIO AMID, Natasha Bozini and Michael Avramidis for this  fabulous and adventurous recording in Koropi-Markopoulo , from the very deep bottom of my heart. Many thanks to Elena Angelopoulos and Lucia Frantzikos for  the radio "family" who made for me . Above all, many-many thanks to the writer-director himself,  Constantinos Rodis, who , besides a great writing-directing-acting  partner, is a valuable teacher to  me, the  "aging ever taught."
"Thank you Constantinos .. you know why. And if i made you sad at once,  its "MEA CULPA", MY FAULT "!

PS:.... Vicky, Mario and Yuri....., I have no words! "

Ioannis Kyfonidis

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